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Did you say DESTINY?!?

In which No rants about nothing and everything (but mostly nothing)

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I need to pimp this thing.


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all hail malpercio!, animating silly stuff, apple plucking beams, armstrong sparkles, awesome hats, ba na na, baelheit, baelheit isn't emo, baelheit isn't gay, baelheit will shoot you, baelheit with no pants, baelheit's retro pants, baelheit/baelhat otp, baten kaitos, baten kaitos origins, beautiful katamari, being a gamer, being awesome, brook, brook has no brain, brook is a fruit, brook loves everyone, cake, caps with sunglasses, daimon, darth vader, darth vader is emo, deliciouschild, did you say destiny, disco ★ prince, don't say normal!, drawing, dumbledore is gay, epic average, epic fail, epic idk, epic win, eternal wings, eusine cannot has top, eusine is a fruit, eusine's pokéballs, everyone's shota for silver, fanfiction, fangirling over nonexistent men, feeling the cosmos, flynn's rainbow morals, fuck yeah baten kaitos, fuck you verus, fuck you wiseman, full metal alchemist, general grievous, goku sayonara zetsubou sensei, golden sun, guillo, guys in gay shirts, guys in no shirts, handcuffs for everyone, harry potter, hinabn, icons, katamari, katamari damacy, katamari forever, katamari songs = earworms, kicking casual gamers, kill ace with fire, kill it with fire, killing casual gamers forever, king of all cosmos, king/queen bondage otp, kotor, lord of the rings, machina, machina handcuffs hell yeah, machina is awesome, majin tantei nougami neuro, malpercio for god, milly, morty's mullet, motherfucking baten kaitos, motoi sakuraba, music, naked!baelheit is the answer, nananananananana, naughty king is naughty, needs moar baten kaitos, not angsty pretty boys, not your face, nozomu/kafuka, obsessing over baten kaitos, oda, oda is god, okami, okay mr sunshine, one piece, osu!, perfect 50/50, pokemon, prince of all cosmos, queen of all cosmos, rainbow headgears, reading, riding the king's rollercoaster, roboking, rolling giant balls, royal rainbows, ruining your life, sacredshipping, sagi, sayonara zetsubou sensei, shanath, shipping stuff nobody ships, shovel = deadly weapon, skull jokes, song of iceandfire, star wars, stop whining ace, tales of, tales of symphonia, tales of vesperia, that's right destiny!, the amazing cosmic package, the baelhat, the cake = lie, the internet, the king is awesome, the king is fab, the king isn't gay, the king's luscious body, the king's manly nose, the king's mighty bulge, the king's tight pants, the legend of zelda, the queen totally tops, the queen= santa claus, the sims, this! is! tarazed!!!, tvtropes, usopp, verus can't compare, videogames, we ♥ katamari, widget series, wings of the heart, ygoa, zan sayonara zetsubou sensei, zetsubou sensei, zetsuboushita!, zoku sayonara zetsubou sensei
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